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Hearing Loss


Terms Related to Hearing Loss:
Deafness; Loss of Hearing

Symptoms & Signs
Hearing loss or deafness is the total or partial inability to hear sound in one or both ears. Deafness can be present at birth (congenital) or become evident later in life (acquired deafness). Minor decreases in hearing are normal after age of twenty years and rarely end in complete deafness.

There are many causes of hearing loss or deafness but mainly it can be divided into two categories: Conductive hearing loss (CHL) that occurs due to some mechanical problem in the external or middle ear. Fluid in the middle ear can cause CHL and Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) that results from a dysfunction of the inner ear. People who have both forms of hearing loss are said to have mixed hearing loss. Ear infections are the most common cause of temporary hearing loss in children. Excessive wax in the ear can also be lead to hearing loss. Hearing loss or deafness can be Genetic, Congenital, Infectious, Traumatic, Toxic, Age-related and Occupational. Symptoms of hearing loss include: difficulty in hearing during conversation, frequent asking to others to speak loud or to repeat what they have said, difficulty in hearing on telephone, not getting enough sounds or voices of people around. In children symptoms of congenital deafness can be identify when they do not respond to sounds or at the learning stage when they start learning to speak. It is always advisable to prevent hearing loss than treating it after "the damage is done."

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hearing Loss

Sarivadi Tablet





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Supplement Facts:

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