Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mobile Game To Feature Clue Characters

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mobile Game To Feature Clue Characters

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mobile Game To Feature Clue Characters

It was Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery.

Hidden Hotel Hack ✅ Updated How to Get More STAR & COINS in Hidden Hotel Android & Io’s

Hidden Hotel Hack ✅ Updated How to Get More STAR & COINS in Hidden Hotel Android & Io’s

The Secret – Hidden Hotel – Miami Mystery – Main Hall – Day 3

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Join an addictive game, hunt for clues and solve awesome seek and find puzzles!

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is a fun hidden object game where you’ll begin a career in renovation and interior design. Discover your inner designer talent and help Oliver, the hotelkeeper, renovate the house. Overcome construction challenges and transform the old and messy hotel into a gorgeous resort! Choose new finishes, décor, furniture and make all your hotel guests feel comfortable! How to do that? Just search and find thousands of cleverly hidden objects! Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is a unique hidden object game with renovation tasks and a lot of fun responsibilities!

Search like a pro

Hidden Hotel game is different from other brain games and puzzles! Here, you’ll find hidden objects concealed within a picture. Feel like a detective from the addictive novels about Sherlock Holmes! Satisfy your appetite for adventure! Activate your sense of observation! Find mysterious clues in the Hidden Hotel mobile game! Solve challenging puzzles, seek hidden items, uncover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. Find tiny clues and solve the great mystery!

Mind the details

Difficulty increases as you play each hidden mystery scene seeking new hidden objects. Tap and open the doors to find hidden objects behind them. Pull aside the curtains and open the boxes to reveal what hidden items are concealed there. It’s not simple, but you can do this! Get the highest score for every hidden scene, no matter how tricky it is! Hidden Hotel is all about brain stimulating and addictive fun!

Take advantage of boosters

Use search tools if you get stuck. Boosters help to find hidden objects faster and speed up progress! Lanterns highlight hidden objects. Clocks give some extra time. The keys open 3 items on the location. Radars show every item in the scene for a second.

Try all search modes

Hidden Hotel includes a wide variety of mysterious hidden object seek and find modes: word search, cobweb, silhouette, reverse words, and coins. To make things even more exciting, we update our content with brand new perks so that you can always find fun puzzle levels! Pay attention to all the hidden clues, and maybe Hidden Hotel will reveal its secrets to you!

Come inside and find

Artistically crafted hidden object scenes located in the old mansion will give you a chance to relax! Hidden Hotel is full of eye-catching objects and fascinating settings. Seek and find fruits and delicious desserts in the kitchen, postcards, magnets, and figurines in the souvenir shop, flowers, sunglasses or jewelry in the actress’s hotel apartments.

Give it a go

Unique design of hidden object scenes appeal to people with some taste for the art of hidden object hunting. Due to impressive colorfulness and detailed calming environments, this relaxing game attracts players of all ages. Addictive seek and find images evoke curiosity and keep your attention for a long time. Hidden Hotel search takes hours to examine the mysterious rooms. Feel like a hero of the adventure story! Dive into the virtual world of Hidden Hotel!

Enjoy the perks

Hidden Hotel game helps you develop an eye for details, sharp memory, and good logical skills. Try your concentration while searching for fun hidden objects. This addictive game is useful for the whole family and for players of all ages. Escape from boredom and relieve yourself from the stress of everyday life. Test your seek and find expertise and keep your brain well-trained!

● Mix of hidden object game and hotel renovation
● Incredible cinematic storyline
● Designable interiors
● Cute characters
● Daily bonuses

Are you ready to start your search for the trendy hidden object game? Prove that you have eagle-eye seek-and-find skills! Mystery games and adventures await you! Immerse yourself in the world of hidden objects! Hidden objects won’t stay hidden long with your talent on the task! Join the popular detective search-and-find mobile game Hidden Hotel now! And recommend this game to your friends!

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Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery (by WhaleApp LTD) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

App description:

Do you like mysterious puzzles and the process of hidden objects finding? What about renovating an old hotel?

Incredibly involving and mysterious story of a strange old hotel will take you through unforgettable gaming journey. Just search and reveal hidden objects inside weird and dark hotel rooms. Finding required objects let you solve the mystery of the strange hotel.

As a successor of the former hotel host you will be able to master a new design by choosing your signature style for hotel interiors’ renovation. You can create your own style by using skins of various designs – Modern, Classics or 70’s. Hundreds of changeable colorful designs are available on each location.

Everyday eleven unforgettable tasks are awaiting for you. With each passing day in the game you’ll be closer to the true story of strange incidents with hotel guests.

An old stranger’s bag is the key to the hotel secrets!

Main features:
● Incredible cinematic storyline
● Brand new combination of hidden object and renovation hotel
● Hundreds of designable interiors
● Unique boosters and power-ups
● Funny characters to your pleasure
● Wide range of hidden objects
● Daily bonuses

App Store Link:https://apps.apple.com/app/hidden-hotel-miami-mystery/id1415774287?l=en

How to Hack Hidden Hotel – Unlimited Stars, Coins and Lives Mod

In this tutorial you can learn how to get unlimited stars and coins in the game Hidden Hotel. With this hack you can simply have as many stars, coins and energy as you want. This can help you to complete even the most hard levels in the game.

With the stars you also will be able to do as many activities as you want to. Thanks to that you will be able to continue your story in this game. The Hidden Hotel hack is especially helpful for players who just started with this game and don’t know how to complete some of the levels.

Also remember that with so many coins you can simply add more moves and boosters when completing levels. If you have enjoyed this Hidden Hotel tutorial and you would like to watch more of these type of videos then you can leave a like and also subscribe to my channel to make sure you won’t miss any of my next tutorials.

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